Giving You the Keys to Drive Employee and Patient Behavioral Transformation

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform creates nudge-based programs that reinforces habits, changes behavior and creates new behavioral habits with our learning content or yours.


Innovation and disruption continue to change the way healthcare institutions and therapists serve patients. In an age where there are increasingly more people needing emotional help and less skilled professionals to great them, we must turn to technology to fill the growing gap. We recognize that technology frequently fail to rise to this challenge, however RevMyLife has developed a science-backed solution that reliably reinforces any learning that involves behavior change.


Reducing the angst of not having daily access to a therapist

Encouraging regular engagement with the technology for digital therapeutic reinforcement

Upskilling and training more effectively on specific behavioral priorities

Improving critical skills and new habits that promote thriving in life and work

Keeping new learning and behaviors current and top of mind amid priorities that change as people develop

Lowering behavioral health cost and risk over time

Measuring learning progress with real behavioral tracking and improvement over time

Closing skills gaps and breaking down the stigmatism of getting help


Digital Coach Programs


Based on Real World Triggers


Track Progress


Your Employees and Patients

RevMyLife Platform Features

Reaching Learning Objectives by Adapting to User Needs

Make sure your behavioral learning objectives match up with the learning style of your users in various stages of their development. Not everyone learns the same, so RevMyLife adapts in real-time to optimize learning delivery based on each user’s style, preferences, and needs.

Features that make this possible:

  • Feedback loops
  • User analytics
  • Learner personalization

Integrate Learning into Daily Life

Customize RevMyLife to deploy learning content whenever and wherever it is needed most. By embracing experiential and behavioral learning principles, RevMyLife helps users put learning and knowledge to use daily. This dynamic delivery system ensures learning is making its desired positive impact.

Features that make this possible:

  • Scheduled nudges
  • Calendar integration and event-based learning
  • Microlearning and reflection

Seamlessly Organize, Adapt, and Deploy Learning

From push notifications and short microlearning content, you can create and deploy your learning instantly within the RevMyLife platform. The content wizard makes it easy to create new materials that are conducive to your clients’ or workplace learning needs or trends. Learning deployment can be filtered by all users, by cohorts of users (group therapy) or by entire organizations.

Features that make this possible:

  • Content wizard
  • Admin panel

Track, benchmark, and prove ROI of Learning Strategies

Drill down with an array of comprehensive analytics that provide insights into learning progress and predictive performance. Use this data to track and optimize your learning methodology and prove ROI to clients or internal stakeholders.

Features that make this possible:

  • Analytics dashboard
  • Comprehensive data drilldowns
  • Expanding performance insights

Harness the Power of Neuroscience to Transform Behavior

Unlike traditional apps that deliver static content, RevMyLife leverages the neuroscience of behavior change and delivers real-time nudges to keep the individual learner engaged and help them apply new behaviors in their day-to-day life & work. Our proven platform gives you the power to influence and implement real change.


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