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If your methodology has a proven impact on healthful behavior change and meets the RevMyLife criteria, we will join forces with you on building content, marketing, or otherwise helping you to launch your Digital Coach with your target population.

Creating a Digital Coach

Whether you’re a behavioral health institution or a mental health professional, you can create a “Digital Coach” with the RevMyLife platform that will support and sustain learning retention that would otherwise dissipate within an hour to a few days. The sample digital coaches that appear under our Solutions page, are some of the RevMyLife Digital Coaches developed by leading subject-matter experts in various fields. When you have access to the RevWork Platform, you can choose one of these programs or build your own.

Partnering With RevMyLife

The RevMyLife Platform was built and evolved over decades of behavioral study and fueled by an unwavering passion to make life better for people and organizations. Advances in science and technology are pioneering how we go about empowering innovators like RevWork to test new boundaries. If you choose to partner with us, just know that you are choosing to join a community of professionals with an unparalleled dedication to elevating people, culture and performance and to support individual and collective prosperity.

In order for us to thrive, we first must learn ways to cultivate balance in our work, life and relationships with greater self-awareness and mindful action. Through the RevWork Platform, users can explore mindfulness, meditation, gentle movement, breathing and personalized reflection as a means to recognize those moments when we are feeling out of balance and to utilize our inner resources and tools to move toward greater well-being.”

Quickly access best practices and key information at your fingertips or get nudged to learn and apply mindfulness behaviors daily in just a few minutes.

The Art of Balance Virtual Coach was co-developed by meditation and mindfulness educators, Josh Blatter and Sarah Maxwell, who developed a six part exploration into creating balance through awareness, perception and intentional action.

Josh Blatter

Wellness Coach

“We all knew that the workplace was transforming but no one thought it would happen this fast and under these circumstances. Which is exactly why the Hybrid Productivity Virtual Coach App is desperately needed by companies right now. The app is custom designed to support team members that find themselves working remotely and many for possibly the first time. It provides just in time coaching with practical tips and tools that are immediately applicable.”

The content in the App is based on years of research, interviews with well known virtual companies for the book Virtual Teams for Dummies, as well as my personal experience leading a virtual team for over 10 years. It’s applicable, it’s helpful, and it’s what remote teams need today. I am honored to be a part of this launch and to help so many people that are managing remote work for the first time.

Tara Powers