RevMyLife – Our Story

Our Story

RevMyLife, Inc. began as RevWork, Inc. A company that tapped into the science of behavior change and habit formation to improve employee performance.

Today, RevMyLife continues the work that RevWork began by reinforcing behavioral transformation for those needing emotional support.  We are on a mission to revolutionize behavioral learning by taking today’s most forward-thinking therapists and healthcare institutions to new heights as they help patients to achieve the skills and mindset it takes to be emotionally healthy.

Every day, we continue to study the efficacy of our technology with clients while tackling the challenge of understanding how to break down the cognitive barriers  that inhibit behavioral learning.

Every day we defy the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to learning reinforcement. We provide a customized experience tailored to both the healthcare organization, the mental health professionals and those they serve to achieve long-term behavior change . This proven technology is available via iOS and Android apps, Microsoft Teams, telehealth integration and other web-based platforms.